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03 December 2007 @ 05:50 pm
The rebelfilms guide to life  

- If you do not actually need it, ask yourself, why are you stressing to get it? IE paid livejournal accounts.
- tell the truth, even if it leads to your death [it probably wont] stolen from Kingdom Of Heavan. I like that film, a lot. 
keep an open mind and youll find things 10 times as interesting. 
- to get respect, give respect. I wont respect you if you are rude/ bossy/ dishonest. And no, wearing a suit wont make me automatically respect you.
- have a sense of humour. Be able to laugh at yourself, as well as at lots of other things.
- be able to admit when you have messed up, and be willing to try and sort it. 
- be consistant. If you ask me to abide by a rule, dont go and break it yourself, in front of me, if you expect me to do as I am told. 
- dont *pull rank* as an excuse / get-out clause. 
- live and let live
- be there for your friends. You'd like them to be there for you, wouldnt you?
- keep your promises unles theres a damn good reason, and then make sure the other person KNOWS! 
- Dont *assume* people fit into stereotype tickboxes. They usually dont. 
- trust your intuition
- Do not fear death. There are lots of scarier things, like christmas shopping, or maths exams. 
- Do not let fear prevent you from doing new cool things. Just because its something new, or you dont have a friend to go with you the first time, is no excuse to chicken!
- try to do one kind deed for an absolute stranger, with no personal gain,  at least weekly 
- Learn about new things. Its fun. 
- Respect the enviroment - see what you can do to consume less, recycle more, or otherwise reduce your impact. 
- Learn to be silly. Jump in the swimming pool in your clothes, or whatever. Learn to bounce about. 
- Have your dreams. And love them.