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11 October 2008 @ 03:41 pm
wee are welcoming US to you  
wee are a discordian press

wee welcome you, whimWhammers, to become a Published Author (tm)

have YOU ever written silly poems, surreal works of short fiction, discordian puns, or situationist epics? drawn 'bob' dobbs' head, recorded merry pranks, written limericks or flying spaghetti monster fanfiction? taken photos of hot dog buns? rearranged i ching hexagrams to look like naked ladies? translated the tao de ching back and forth between german and english until it sounded like a cut-up? created any nature of DISCORDIAN ART?

then oh please send it to us - twentythreepress at gmail - so that you can be a part of twentythreepress' first ever DISCORDIAN COMPILATION ZINE

so that wee do not have to write it all horeselves

all popes who are selected for inclusion will receive a free copy of the as-yet-unnamed project.
FREE means "you will be charged nothing" and also "wee are comfortable bribing you"

blasted be!