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a life of whimsy

create your own world

Surreal Living
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~ living a fantastical, creative, surrealist life '24/7' ~

whim·sy also whim·sey
n. pl. whim·sies, also whim·seys
An odd or fanciful idea; a whim.
A quaint or fanciful quality: stories full of whimsy.

[Probably from whim-wham, fanciful object.]

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition Copyright © 2000

n. [Formed from whim by reduplication.]
1. A whimsical thing; an odd device; a trifle; a trinket; a gimcrack. [R.]

They'll pull ye all to pieces for your whimwhams. --Bear. & Fl.

2. A whim, or whimsey; a freak.

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998
absinthe, activism, alice in wonderland, amélie, angels, applied surrealism, art, art cars, attics, balloons, beauty, being mysterious, being silly, betsey johnson, bjork, blowing bubbles, bpal, bubbles, burning man, butterflies, catching people off guard, cavorting, changing people's lives, chaos, child-like wonder, children's books, cirque de soleil, climbing trees, clowns, color, colour, costumes, crazy wisdom, creative cooking, creativity, cyndi lauper, dancing, david bowie, decorating things, discordian, discoveries, diy, dr. seuss, drag queens, dreadlocks, dressing up, eccentricity, edward scissorhands, elaborate makeup, everything as art, experimental art, fae, faerie fashion, feathers, feral children, fireflies, flowers, folk art, food coloring, forests, found art, found objects, francesca lia block, freaks, free-spirits, frivolity, fun, fun food, garden art, ghosts, glamour bombs, glitter, gnomes, gypsies, halloween, haunted houses, holiday crafts, imagining things, mad hatters, magic, making an impact, making people laugh, making people smile, making things, masks, muppets, mushrooms, nature, neil gaiman, never growing up, nightmare before christmas, non-conformity, noticing details, observing people and things, open-minded people, originality, outsider art, people watching, peter pan, petticoats, pippi longstocking, pirates, playing, playing dress up, poetic terrorism, premonitions, public art, questioning authority, rasputina, roald dahl, samo, seasonal decorations, secret admirers, secret gardens, self expression, self-expression, shel silverstein, shiny things, sigils, silliness, stargazing, stars, strange things, superstition, surrealism, synchronicity, tarot, tattoos, the fool, the moon, the stars, the sun, thrift stores, tiaras, tim burton, toy stores, toys, twinkle lights, wabi sabi, wearing wings, weetzie bat, weirdness, whimsy, william s. burroughs, willy wonka, wishes, wizard of oz, zines